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Hi, Im Jayne. Welcome to my FREE website devoted to sexy stories,erotic letters and horny photos.
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I've always loved reading about other peoples sex lives and love telling about mine, so I've now got this free website packed with saucy tales, written by others and myself. Some of the stories are illustrated with photos, others let your imagination run wild !

This free site is updated requlary with new stories, - its all FREE. Thats right all the best sexy erotica right here and free to view as many erotic stories as you wish and as often as you like.

Apart from the stories I write, everything has been sent in by you, the reader. If you would like to send a story to go on the site, please send it to submit new story. You can have your name printed or withheld, whichever you prefer. If you wish, you can have a link to your email address or website so we can all convey our thoughts directly to you.

There are no real rules but please make sure that the story is yours, or that you have permission if it's not. The last thing we want is Lawsuits flying around!.

If you do find a story here thats not yours and you've not given permission to have it on the site, please email me at Permissions and I'll remove it or put your name to it, whichever you prefer.

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And now onto the stories..